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After the reboot, we it be required to erase all the tweets from previous sessions? Like, everything that happened so far will just be history and we sill start from zero,so to speak?


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Are you planning on simply removing inactive members or starting from scratch?

Starting from scratch most likely so I can reinforce some more strict ruling that may or may not weed out some less eligible candidates.

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A couple of people and I were wondering if creating a different collection of superheroes / superhero league (that's non-affiliated with the Teacup League except for maybe overlapping characters) would be overstepping on your territory?

Definitely not if everything you create is original and from your own imagination. I don’t own the concept of superheroes, twitter RP or anything like that. 

Characters in the Teacup League belong to their rightful owners so they can take them anywhere they want. 

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How long do you think the reboot will take?

A while. I can’t give a concrete time or estimate.

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Isn't posting that the community is dead going to discourage new members from joining? It doesn't really seem all that dead to me...

That’s the idea, yes. The community is rather dead. Twitter activity has slowed down significantly. Frankly at this point it is rather difficult for new people to integrate themselves and I’d rather wait until I can enforce some quality control before I try and reboot the whole thing into a system that actually works. 

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Up until the other day there was no activity on this blog. Does the answer to earlier questions about how long to wait until assuming your application has been rejected still apply? After a week it's safe to assume?

Yes it does. TCL is pretty dead, though. I think most people would find something better to invest their time in until I figure out what to do with this group. 

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Is this still an active group?

Not really. 

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I was active a while ago and want to get back into it. But I kind of want to start a different character. Is it ok if I resubmit and just change my old twitter account to the new hero's name?


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if i were rejected once, can i re-apply with another character?



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superhero name: Ingot

Alias: Nate (Nathan) Caldwell

Age: 32

Height: 6’2”

powers: metal manipulation; the ability to control and manipulate metal in all its forms. 

weakness:  has a hard time controlling and distorting any large hunk of metal such as buildings, means of transportation. he much prefers to mess with the metal he has on hand instead of using any other sort found around.

bio: Nate has grown up in a large, close nit family. they’ve known of his power and are fully accepting of it despite one or two estranged aunts or uncles who think it adds a sense of freakiness to the family name. Nate has proceeded to fill his life long dream to become a cop, although now that he has business with the teacup league, he cant always be there to do his job. his coworkers find him to be a slacker because of that, not knowing the full story when in actuality he’s hiding his ability from them. The only person who knows is his chief, which happens to be a family friend. together they come up with some sort of plan to keep nate working his police job and his teacup business.  Nate married when he was 25, but soon divorced a year later when his wife finally told him she hated the idea of becoming a widow if something ever happened to him due to the dangers of what he does.  he’s been single since.

personality: nate is incredibly  whimsical to those around him and a very casual man. he’s easy going with everyone he meets and is the sort to make friends easily due to his amusing and facetious nature, wanting to make others laugh. he’s a bit of a slob around the house, having no time to do anything but work. he’s justice orient and will always put others before himself. on the line though, his facade changes to a more serious tone. 

team: none.

twitter:  copnamednate